Do You Prefer to Choose Your Own Shoes or Be Surprised?

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Christmas will soon be upon us. Most of us are now making and checking gift lists, all in the name of showering our loved ones with presents. If you’re a shoe lover, you might be thinking of asking Father Christmas to bring you some elegant footwear. 

The question here, though, is do you prefer to choose your own shoes or to be surprised?

The case for choosing your own

The benefit of choosing your own shoes is that you know you’re getting exactly what you wanted. You definitely won’t have to put on a game face on Christmas morning to hide your disappointment! 

You’ll also be able to try the shoes on in the shop, so you’ll be sure that they’re a great fit. This means you can skip the Boxing Day trip to the shop to exchange them.

The case for being surprised

Being surprised is certainly more of a risk… but does anything beat the magic of opening a present your loved one has chosen for you when they get it just right?! 

We also think surprises are great because they can take you out of your comfort zone. You might be gifted a pair of shoes you would’ve overlooked yourself only to discover they’re exactly what your wardrobe has been missing. 

With any luck, your loved one will have made sure they knew your shoe size and general footwear preferences before they chose the shoes.

Whichever way you like it, why not take a look at our catalogue to see if it contains anything you’d like to be gifted? You may also want to send your loved one a link to our post on how to buy shoes as a surprise gift!

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