Christmas Gifts for Luxury Shoe Lovers

Pictured: Deluxe Leather Shoe Kit

If you’ve been tasked with the job of choosing a gift or two for a shoe lover, you’re in the right place. Below we’ve shared a list of beautiful leather accessories we think will be a big hit with the luxury shoe lover in your life.

Deluxe Leather Shoe Kit

We’ll start with the obvious, here. What shoe lover wouldn’t appreciate high quality tools to keep their shoes in tip top condition? This beautifully put together set includes two cleaning brushes, one...

Do You Prefer to Choose Your Own Shoes or Be Surprised?

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Christmas will soon be upon us. Most of us are now making and checking gift lists, all in the name of showering our loved ones with presents. If you’re a shoe lover, you might be thinking of asking Father Christmas to bring you some elegant footwear. 

The question here, though, is do you prefer to choose your own shoes or to be surprised?

The case for choosing your own

The benefit of choosing your own shoes is that you know you’re getting exactly what you...

Perfect Pairs: Lazyman Shoes and Chinos

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Lazyman shoes got their name from how easy they are to wear. Forget laces or buckles, lazyman shoes are designed to slip easily on and off with little to no effort!

Despite the name, lazyman shoes don’t mean that you have to compromise on style. There are some beautifully deigned lazyman shoes available; trust us when we say these aren’t the shoes your granddad once wore.

In fact, when contemporary lazyman shoes are worn with straight cut trousers, they look pretty much identical to other formal...

How to Style Your Feet for the Festive Season

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What would you say if we told you there are less than five weeks till Christmas?! If you’re anything like us, you’ll have a lot to squeeze into that time. Tying up projects at work before the end of the year. Making plans for travelling to visit family. Organising any festive hosting you plan to do. Purchasing Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Decorating the house. And that’s before we’ve even considered Christmas parties!

Christmas parties are most certainly one of our favourite parts of the winter season. Not only...

Three Ways to Style: Derbies

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It’s hard to beat a well cut derby. These are hardy shoes that perfectly cover the boundary between practical and formal. They’re great for the office, they’re great for a party, and they’re great for sightseeing on a city break. In other words: these could be the hardest working shoes in your collection!

Here are three ways to style your derby shoes, whatever you happen to be up to.

Look one: with a suit for the office

Derby shoes work well with a suit, especially in a slightly less formal...