Perfect Pairs: Brown Tassel Loafers and Navy Trousers

Shoes pictured: the Tassel Loafer Forest

Tassel loafers are great for the spring and summer seasons. These slip on loafers are easy to get in and out of and are really comfortable to wear. We think loafers with tassels are particularly stylish. They’re great for gentlemen who lean towards more traditional styles and like to add eye-catching details to their outfits.

A pair of brown tassel loafers look great with navy trousers. Dark blue jeans can work for this look,...

Five Transitional Spring Shoes You'll Love

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We think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn’t agree that spring is a lovely time of year. The weather is getting milder, the trees are coming into bloom and, especially here in York, the daffodils provide a glorious pop of colour.

It’s fair to say, though, that this season can leave us with wardrobe difficulties. The weather can be very changeable, and you’d be wise not to pack away your winter wardrobe quite yet!

We’ve selected five...

The Shoe Files: Penny Loafers

Shoes pictured: the Penny Loafer Sydney

Penny loafers are easy-to-wear shoes with a wonderfully timeless style. They’re quick to slip on and off and can be worn at a range of casual and smart/casual occasions.

The Anatomy of Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are slip on leather shoes with a reasonably low back. They are distinguishable from other types of slip on loafers by the strip of leather attached to the top of the shoe. This strip of leather always features...

Where Should Your Trousers Sit on Your Shoes?

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One of the most complicated things about style is that it isn’t always what you wear that counts, it’s how you wear it. One of the common ways in which this manifests for gentlemen is in the fit of their clothing. It doesn’t matter how tasteful the garment, if it doesn’t flatter your frame it’s unlikely to make the impression you’re hoping for.

The length of your trousers can make a real difference. Too short and you might...

Three Ways to Style: Monk Straps

Shoes pictured: Double Monk Strap Inca

Monk straps offer a quirky and stylish take on formal footwear. They’re undoubtedly smart enough to wear for any professional occasion, and they’re also a great choice for parties and black tie events.

As their name suggests, monk strap shoes may have a historic connection to the religious order. Though there’s no real evidence to suggest this is true, we think the mythology adds to the personality of these shoes.

If you’re a fan of...