What Do You Really Need to Clean Leather Shoes?

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Every responsible shoe owner knows how important it is to keep their shoes in good condition. A clean and polished pair of leather shoes will look a whole lot better than a pair that isn’t, and this care will also significantly prolong the life of your shoes. 

Some shoe lovers have a whole cornucopia of tools and products in their shoe cleaning arsenal. But in reality, they probably need less than half of these things to be able to do a good job of keeping their...

The Shoe Files: Balmoral Boots

Boot pictured: the Balmoral Boot Rain

We think balmoral boots are a brilliant option for the discerning gentleman, and we’re sure you’ll agree! Not only are they beautifully stylish, they’re also much more practical than some other formal footwear options. 

The Anatomy of Balmoral Boots

A Balmoral boot is a formal boot with a closed lacing system. Simply put, it’s essentially an Oxford shoe in boot form. 

This type of boot does have one very distinctive feature that marks it out as a little bit different from an Oxford shoe. Each boot...

How Victoria and Albert Contributed to Shoe History

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Queen Victoria is an iconic figure in British history. She was on the throne for sixty three years; from 1837 to 1901. Alongside her innovation-loving husband Prince Albert, Queen Victoria was a significant force behind many of the advances during this era, including train travel, the Industrial Revolution and improved social conditions. 

Interestingly for us, Victoria and Albert were also hugely influential in the field of design. Two of styles of shoes commonly worn in the UK today can be attributed directly to the couple. 


Perfect Pairs: Ghillie Shoes and Kilts

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Ghillie shoes stand out from the crowd thanks to their unique shape and long laces.

They’re descended in style from the original Scottish brogues, which were leather shoes fashioned from deerskin and designed to be worn while out working the land. The holes were originally added to stop water from gathering inside the shoes, though they later became decorative rather than practical. 

The long tasseled laces on modern ghillie shoes also date from the original Scottish brogues. In those days, the laces were left long enough to tie high around...

Three Signs that You're Ready for Bespoke Shoes


There have been many changes in the way we do things in the last few generations. Digital innovations have completely revolutionised the way we communicate with each other, engineering advances have changed our manufacturing processes, and online commerce has made it easier than ever to spend money.

Though all of these changes are wonderful, that’s not to say there isn’t still benefit to the old way of doing things, too.

We think there’s most definitely still a place in the modern world for slower, more personalised experiences. One of...