What's Your Shoe Storage Routine?

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All good habits begin as a new routine. If you’re hoping to take more care over the condition of your shoes this winter season, it might help to start by taking a look at your current routine.

What do you do with your shoes when you arrive home?

Some people keep their shoes on in their house, but most of us tend to take them off when we arrive home. If this is the case with you, what do you do with them when you take them off? This is...

Three Ways to Style Balmoral Boots

Boots Pictured: Balmoral Boot Rain

Now that the weather is turning, boots are coming into the limelight again. We are particular fans of smarter boots like balmoral boots that marry practicality with style. What better footwear staple to take you through autumn and into winter?

If you have a pair of balmoral boots and want some more inspiration about how to wear them over the coming season, look no further. Here are three suggestions on how to style them. 

Look One: With Jeans and a Chunky Sweater


The Shoe Files: Lazyman Shoes

Shoe pictured: the Lazyman Rain

Lazyman shoes are so named because you don’t have to lace them up! These easy-wear shoes are designed as dress shoes you can just slip your feet into.

The Anatomy of Lazyman Shoes

The main feature of lazyman shoes is that they have an elasticated section on each side of the upper to allow you to slip your foot easily in and out. 

Lazyman shoes are similar to loafers in that they don’t have laces, but they’re not the same thing. Loafers typically...

What Kind of Socks Should You Wear with Dress Shoes?


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How much do you think about your socks? We’re guessing the answer to this question is very little; perhaps just a moment or two each morning as you fish a fresh pair out of the drawer.

Though they don’t always get much attention, we think socks are actually quite important. They keep our feet warm and comfortable, which is no small benefit! 

In addition to their very practical purposes, socks can also affect how successful our outfit is overall. No one notices a well chosen pair...

Tools of the Shoe Trade: Self-Healing Cutting Mat

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The process of traditional shoemaking involves a whole host of specialist tools and techniques. We’re making it our mission to introduce you to some of them. In this post we’re looking at a piece of equipment that makes the shoemaking process easier to manage: the leather cutting mat.

Cutting leather is a big part of the handmade shoe making process. The quality of these cuts play a major role in the shape, fit and finish of the final shoe. Because of this, it’s vitally important that shoemakers take great care...