Perfect Pairs: Balmoral Boots and Vintage Sports Jackets

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Balmoral boots have the rare benefit of being both practical and elegant. We love the look of these intricate boots, and they’ll keep your feet warm and dry all winter long.

You may not be surprised to learn that these boots have a royal pedigree. They were first designed for Prince Albert, who wanted a practical walking boot to wear in the grounds of Balmoral Castle that would also look suitably stylish inside.

There’s something delightfully classic about this style of boot. Balmoral boots share a lot of characteristics with Oxford shoes. Most importantly, they both have a closed lacing system.

Balmoral boots can be recognised by their distinctive seam. It runs all the way around the upper, separating the upper and lower portions. These two sections are usually made in a different colour and/or material.

With all this in mind, what better way to style a pair of Balmoral boots than with something that matches them in the quirky-but-classic fashion stakes?

We think a vintage sports jacket is the perfect companion for a pair of Balmoral boots. Not only will a sports jacket look very dapper alongside these boots, it will also give a subtle nod to their intended original purpose: outdoor pursuits!

A pair of Balmoral boots and a complementary sports jacket are the ideal outfit for all smart/casual occasions. They’ll work brilliantly together in a less formal office and will look great at social events too. Why not try this fashion combo for a gentle Sunday stroll with friends followed by Sunday lunch? You’ll do Prince Albert proud!

Want to take a look at a pair of Balmoral boots for yourself? You’ll love the Balmoral Boot Rain in brown suede and brown vegano.

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