Five Innovative Ways to Store Your Shoes

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The more shoes you’re lucky enough to collect, the bigger the question of where to store them. Every shoe lover knows how important it is to take good care of his shoes, but in practice it can be difficult to do your footwear justice while it’s being stored.

If your shoes are currently all in a row (or a pile!) in the bottom of your wardrobe, this post is for you. Here are five innovative ideas for storing your shoes.

1. In shoe boxes with photos

If you’re the sort of gentleman who always keeps his shoeboxes, this can be a great way to store your shoes. It can also be a space saver, as shoes can be stacked on top of each other in a cupboard or wardrobe without concern they may get damaged. Print off a photo of each pair to stick on the front of the box, and you’ll always be able to get your hands on the perfect shoes in a hurry.

2. In a DIY pipe storage system

Fans of the industrial look may be drawn towards this one. A wide PVC pipe cut into shoe-length wedges can create a great looking shoe storage solution.

3. With elastic shoe straps attached to the wall

A system of elastic shoe straps can create a real feature wall. It’s also a great way to keep your shoes organised and off the floor.

4. In a slide out shoe tray

Why not make use of the space underneath furniture with a slide out shoe tray? You can use a low sided box for this, a large food tray or even a repurposed picture frame.

5. On tension rods in the bottom of a wardrobe or cupboard

If you’d like to create an easy storage solution in the bottom of an existing cupboard space, there’s a really easy way to do it. A series of tension rods can create a secure and practical shoe shelf. Just use two rods per row of shoes.

Do you already have a fantastic way to store your shoes? We’d love to see it! You can share a photo with us on the Old Sole Facebook page, or tag us as @louissmithbespoke on Instagram.

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