What Are the Most Romantic Shoes for Valentine’s Day?

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We’re getting close to the biggest date night of the year. Whether you’re hoping to woo a new person, or whether you’re setting out to show your significant other how much you appreciate them, the details matter.

And when we say details? We mainly mean your shoes. There are all sorts of old pieces of wisdom about shoes and how vital they are for making a good impression.

But how should you choose the right shoes for Valentine’s Day? Unfortunately there’s no strict etiquette rule that tells us which type of formal shoes are the most suitable for romantic occasions! Instead, you’ll have to consider it a matter of opinion.

There’s certainly an argument to say that elegant black Oxfords such as the Oxford Edgware are perfect for romantic occasions. They’re sophisticated, they’re classic, and they’ll assure your date that you know what you’re talking about, sartorially speaking.

But what about a pair of suede Chelsea boots for a delightfully smart/casual look? The Chelsea Boot Rain in navy suede is a really eye-catching boot that won’t fight for attention with your date’s attire.

And we’d be remiss in our argument if we didn’t bring up wingtips. Is there a better choice for a romantic occasion than these chic-but-whimsical shoes? We suspect not! How about the Wingtip Derby Swansea or the Wingtip Derby Rain?

Whatever type of shoes you opt to wear for your date, we have one extra piece of advice for you. Please make sure you’ve brushed and/or polished your shoes before you set out. Beautifully clean shoes will assure your date that you’ve put the extra effort in for them!

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