Where Should Your Trousers Sit on Your Shoes?

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One of the most complicated things about style is that it isn’t always what you wear that counts, it’s how you wear it. One of the common ways in which this manifests for gentlemen is in the fit of their clothing. It doesn’t matter how tasteful the garment, if it doesn’t flatter your frame it’s unlikely to make the impression you’re hoping for.

The length of your trousers can make a real difference. Too short and you might look like a school boy after a growth spurt. Too long and you’re at risk of looking like you’re wearing your father’s trousers. Either way: not a good look.

If you want to make all the right impressions, it’s important to carefully consider where your trousers sit on your shoes. This is called the trouser break, so-called because it’s where the line of your trousers ‘breaks.’

Getting the perfect balance with the trouser break can be a tricky process. Sadly there’s no one-size-fits-all rule. Instead, there are a few options to choose from depending on your body type and personal preference.

No trouser break at all

This is where the line of your trousers ends just before the top of your shoes. This may suit you if you want to look taller, or if you prefer to wear your trousers highly starched. Do be careful though, as it can be easy to end up with trousers that are fractionally too high.

Medium break

This is the most widely accepted option and the one you should opt for if you’re in doubt! In a medium break, the hem of the trousers rests lightly on the front of the shoe and covers the top of the shoe at the back.

Full break

This is where the hem sits more heavily on the shoe and creates a natural fold all around the ankle. This one is definitely harder to pull off, but is preferred by some taller gentlemen. It’s also often found in more casual trousers.

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