How Long Does it Take to Have a Pair of Bespoke Shoes Made?

There comes a point for many gentlemen when off-the-shelf just doesn’t feel right for them any more.

If you’ve ever struggled with shoe sizing or finding the exact style you have in mind, you’ll understand just how much of a relief it can be to invest in a pair of shoes that are handmade to your exact requirements.

Of course, the bespoke shoemaking process takes longer than just popping into a shoe shop or ordering online, especially if it’s your first pair. But when you invest in a pair of bespoke shoes you’re investing in beautiful quality shoes you’ll still be wearing a decade from now.

What is involved in the bespoke shoemaking process?

The first stage in the bespoke shoemaking process is to create a personalised last. Once your shoemaker has made a last for you, they’ll be able to use it every time you order a bespoke pair of shoes.

Once the last has been made, your shoemaker will make a fitting shoe. This will be in the style and shape of the final shoe, but it will be made to test that everything is correct and the fitting is exactly right.

You’ll be invited in to try on the fitting shoe. You and your shoemaker will be able to see if any changes are necessary here. Changes are reasonably easy to make at this stage, so this is the time to point out if anything isn’t quite what you had in mind.

Once you and your shoemaker are happy with the fitting shoe, your shoemaker will then start work on the final shoe.

How long does this process take?

It’s difficult to give an exact figure for how long it takes to create a pair of bespoke shoes. The complexity of the design as well as any specialist materials being used will all contribute to this.

But whether the construction process takes four, six or eight weeks… at the end you’ll be presented with a bespoke pair of shoes that have been created exactly to your specifications. And isn’t that worth the wait?!

You can find out more about the bespoke shoemaking process here.

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