The Best Formal Shoes to Wear With Jeans

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Surely the reason jeans are so ubiquitous and well-loved is because of their versatility. When thoughtfully styled, jeans can look just as at home at a smart/casual event as they do on a walk with the dog.


We think one of the best ways to smarten up your jeans is to pair them with footwear more formal than your average sneakers. Well-chosen shoes can take your jeans from laid-back casual to beautifully stylish.

What style considerations are there for pairing jeans with formal shoes?

If you’re planning on pairing your jeans with smarter shoes you’ll need to first take a good look at the jeans in question. Straight-legged or skinny jean styles work best for this look: save your baggier or flared jeans for another day.

We’d also recommend avoiding bleached, washed out or artfully ripped jeans, as they don’t work as well with formal shoes. Mid and dark denim washes are the best choice here.

Perhaps it’s also worth pointing out that you’ll also want to consider what you’re wearing on your top half! No matter how beautiful the shoes, they won’t be able to turn jeans and a hoodie into anything other than informal attire. Instead, opt for something a little smarter like a shirt or sweater.

Which formal shoes look best with jeans?

You’ll be pleased to hear you have a whole lot of options here. Formal boots such as Chelsea boots or desert boots are really easy to wear with jeans. Alternatively, loafers are a traditionally more casual shoe and are the ideal choice for warmer weather.

We also think there’s something great about a classic derby shoe worn with dark wash denim. Both black and brown can work well here, though black can often read a bit more formal.

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