How to Care for Your Shoes in Midwinter

winter shoes

Winter can be very hard on our shoes. Cold and wet weather, including rain, frost, hail and snow, can cause damage to footwear over time. Winter pavement mainstays such as road salt can also be problematic for leather shoes, so do keep this in mind when you take them off at the end of the day.

The good news here is that there are some simple ways to care for your shoes at this time of year in order to reduce or reverse the affect of inclement weather.

Apply a good quality leather protector

A good quality leather or suede protector can help to avoid damage being done to your shoes by rain, snow or road salt.  By applying these protectors each season, you can protect your shoes and extend their life.

Make sure you dry your shoes out properly

It’s an unavoidable fact that sometimes your shoes get wet. And sometimes they get really wet. Once you’re back indoors, take off sopping wet shoes and stuff them with newspaper. It may seem smart to put them near the radiator to dry, but this kind of direct heat could actually cause them to dry too fast and crack. Instead, pop your shoes in a dry spot away from direct heat sources.

Once they’re almost dry, you may want to swap the newspapers for shoe trees to ensure they dry in the right shape.

Give your shoes a day’s rest

The savvy shoe-wearer knows that leather shoes should never be worn two days in a row. Extend the life of your shoes by allowing them a day’s grace to recover.

Address any stains or damage straight away

If you do get any road salt or damp marks on your shoes, make sure you do something about it straight away. A small amount of diluted white vinegar applied with a soft cloth can do wonders on salt stains. Once you’re done, consider applying a good quality leather conditioner.

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