How to Make Your Shoes Last a Lifetime

One of the true joys of handmade shoes is that they really will last a great deal longer than off the shelf ones. In fact, if you take good care of them they are likely to be adorning your feet for many decades to come.


Of course, if you do want your shoes to last a lifetime, you’ll need to put a bit of effort into keeping your side of the bargain.


Here’s how to ensure your shoes keep looking great, year after year.


Store them properly

Shoes that are stored in a pile at the bottom of your wardrobe are unlikely to thank you for it. Make sure your shoes and boots don’t get squashed by storing them in boxes or on a rack. Using shoe trees will help each pair to keep their shape while they’re not being worn.


Rest them

No matter how much you love your shoes, you should always allow them to rest for a day between wears. Each time you wear a pair of shoes they will get slightly damp from the weather and your natural foot perspiration. Alternating between shoes will give each pair the chance to dry out. It’s wise to let them do this at their own pace at room temperature. Leaving your shoes too close to the radiator can dry out the leather and age it prematurely.


Clean and polish them regularly

Not only will regularly cleaning and polishing your shoes keep you looking sharp, it’ll also ensure that your shoes are in the best possible condition. Don’t skimp on the quality of your polish and tools: high end shoes deserve high end care.


Visit your cobbler regularly

You may be surprised by how much a cobbler can do with a pair of leather shoes! If your shoes suffer any wear or damage, a cobbler will be able to repair them. It’s particularly key to keep in mind that though your shoes are likely to last a lifetime with proper care, the soles won’t. Take them to your cobbler to be reheeled or resoled when they start to wear through.


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