Music Icons Who Have Changed Our Taste in Shoes


The music industry has a huge impact on popular culture. Not only do our favourite bands create the music we listen too, they can also have a very big influence on what we wear. In fact, some of the biggest music icons of the 20th centuries have left behind a lasting legacy in footwear.

Read on to find out how Elvis Presley, the Beatles and David Bowie have changed our taste in shoes.

Elvis Presley

No discussion of shoes and musical icons would be complete without a mention of Elvis Presley and his blue suede shoes! Elvis’ navy suede brogues became an intrinsic part of his stage routine after the hit song, and millions of shoes inspired by the original pair were sold worldwide. Elvis’ original shoes were sold at auction in 2013 and fetched £48,000!

The Beatles

Did you know that the Beatles actually have a style of boot named after them? The fab four were big fans of Chelsea boots and were partially responsible for bringing them back into vogue in the 1960s. They also popularised the Beatle boot, which is an offshoot of the Chelsea boot. The Beatle boot has Cuban heels and pointed toes, and either an elasticated or zipped side fastening.

David Bowie

David Bowie was famous for his impressive chameleon-like fashion transformations. Many of these Bowie ‘versions’ have had a lasting impact on both the catwalks and our wardrobes. Perhaps his most famous footwear trend, however, is thanks to his stage persona Ziggy Stardust. As Stardust, Bowie popularised extravagant glam rock platform boots. Versions of these boots are still appearing in designer collections such as Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier.

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