Perfect Pairs: Brogues and Tweed

Pattern Tweed

There are certain pairings that are quintessentially British. Tea and scones. Wimbledon and strawberries. Fish and chips. Gin and tonic. We’d like to argue that today’s perfect pair is a natural addition to this list: brogues and tweed.

Let’s start with the clothing. Tweed is a traditional British and Irish fabric that is woven from wool. Historically it was usually selected for more informal outerwear as it is hardwearing and reasonably waterproof. However, over recent decades tweed has become something of a style statement and is now used for a wide range of tailored garments.

You might have read about the history of brogues in one of our most recent blog posts. Interestingly, these too were originally designed as outdoorsy practical wear. Over the years, brogues - just like tweed - have become synonymous with gentlemen’s smart casual fashion.  

We don’t know if it’s due to their shared history or whether it’s just an accident of style, but there’s absolutely no arguing with the fact that brogues and tweed look excellent together.

One of our favourite things about this combination is that it can work well whether you’re aiming for a vintage look or a more modern one.

If contemporary style is more your thing, we recommend adding a third fabric type in between your tweed and your brogues. If you’re attending a formal occasion such as a wedding or a professional event, try pairing a tweed jacket with suit trousers and brogues. Alternatively, for a perfect street style look, choose a tweed blazer and jeans to wear with your brogues.

Can we show off some of the gorgeous brogues we have in out catalogue? The Wingtip Derby Rain is a great example, as is the Oxford Edgeware. If you’re looking for a brogue with a bit of a difference, we recommend you check out out the Wingtip Boot Islay.

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