Perfect Pairs: Lazyman Shoes and Chinos

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Lazyman shoes got their name from how easy they are to wear. Forget laces or buckles, lazyman shoes are designed to slip easily on and off with little to no effort!

Despite the name, lazyman shoes don’t mean that you have to compromise on style. There are some beautifully deigned lazyman shoes available; trust us when we say these aren’t the shoes your granddad once wore.

In fact, when contemporary lazyman shoes are worn with straight cut trousers, they look pretty much identical to other formal shoes that do have laces. 

This is why we think lazyman shoes are the perfect match for a pair of chinos. Chinos are usually cut full enough to sit elegantly over the top of your shoes, which works brilliantly with lazyman shoes. 

As if that wasn’t enough of a reason for an ideal match… we also think the comfort VS formality level of both garments is the same. We’ve already covered how easy lazyman shoes are to slip on and off, despite how well they fit into formal situations. Chinos, similarly, often don’t feel dissimilar to wear than a pair of jeans, but they are much smarter.

What we’re saying here is that we think chinos and lazyman are the perfect low-effort, comfortable combination for smart/casual occasions. See what we mean about this being a perfect match?!

If your shoe collection is missing a pair of easy wear shoes that don’t compromise on style, we’d like to draw your attention to the Lazyman Rain in tobacco suede. It features two subtle elasticated panels, a refined Goodyear welt-construction and an indulgent calf lining.

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