Perfect Pairs: Loafers and Chinos

There are certain fashion pairings that are very hard to beat. When it comes to smart casual menswear, there’s an awful lot to be said for a pair of chinos worn with a pair of loafers.


Let’s start with the trousers. Chinos are one of the most versatile types of clothing a man can own. They have the dual benefit of being comfortable and offering the wearer the option of dressing them up or down. Depending on what you pair them with, chinos can be the ideal trouser choice for both formal and casual occasions. Even better: they come in a veritable rainbow of colour choices, meaning you have full reign to showcase your personality.


Now we think about it, loafers share many of these traits. They too are comfortable, easily customisable and suitable for both casual and formal occasions. These low, slip on shoes can be made with or without decorative tassels. They were first designed in Victorian London as shoes for the landed gentry to wear in country houses, though their popularity soon outstripped this original purpose.


We happen to think chinos and loafers work wonderfully together. It’s a classic look that has ample opportunity for personalisation. Depending on the style of loafers you choose, the cut of your chinos and what you choose to wear them with, these two wardrobe workhouses can be built into very different outfits.


For a casual occasion, choose slim fitting chinos in beige, pastel blue or red (go on, we dare you). Wear them with a polo shirt and a pair of thin soled loafers for an effortlessly preppy spring/summer look.


For a more formal event, pair navy chinos with a crisp white shirt. Thicker soled polished loafers will pull this ensemble together. To really up the ante, add a blazer and you’ll have a look that’ll take you easily from the boardroom to a dinner date.


Is your wardrobe missing a versatile pair of loafers? We love these suede penny loafers and these woven tassel loafers.

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