Perfect Pairs: Monk Strap Shoes and Suits

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Monk strap shoes emerged onto the fashion scene in the early 20th century. Though there is a sartorial legend to say that they are derived from the style of sandals worn by monks in the Alps, there’s no real evidence to say that this is the case.

Regardless of their origins, there’s no doubt that monk strap shoes play a key role in the shoe collection of fans of luxury footwear. These are formal shoes that add a touch of personality to any outfit. 

There are two types of monk strap shoes to consider here; single and double straps. Single monk straps are the classic choice, but doubly monk straps have grown rapidly in popularity in the last decade. 

Most monk strap shoes are constructed in leather or suede. They have no laces and are fastened by a single or double buckle. The shape and width of the straps can vary a fair amount, depending on the design of the individual shoe. 

We think that monk strap shoes pair particularly well with a suit. This is because monk strap shoes fall very comfortably on the shoe formalness scale. They’re more formal than an open Derby or loafer, but are less formal than a more traditional Oxford. We think they’re ideal for the workplace as they look very professional without being full dress shoes.

There’s another reason why we think monk straps work well with a suit; they can add more interest than some other shoes. Monk strap shoes are generally worn by style-conscious gentlemen who are confident enough in their appeal choices to wear something a little away from the standard.   

Are you the kind of gentleman who would look great in a pair of monk strap shoes? If you are, take a look at our Double Monk Strap Inca or the singly-buckled Monk Strap Rain.

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