Perfect Pairs: Wholecut Shoes and Statement Suits

Shoes pictured: Wholecut Rain

Wholecut shoes are an extremely elegant style of formal shoe. They're constructed from a single piece of leather with no visible seams on the front of the shoe. In fact, the only visible seam on a wholecut shoe is the one at the back of the heel. They feature closed lacing and absolutely no additional pieces; these are the most streamlined shoes you will ever own!

Technically speaking, the less adornment found on a pair of shoes, the more formal they are. By this logic, wholecut shoes are surely the most formal shoes. It follows, then, that they are the ideal choice to wear with a suit.

We’re going to go one step further here and say that we think wholecut shoes are the perfect footwear to accompany a statement suit. Whether your suit is bold in terms of colour or pattern, it’ll need a beautifully classic pair of shoes to go with it and balance it out.

Step in wholecut shoes. A beautifully simple pair of classic wholecut shoes won’t compete for attention with your suit. Rather, they’ll provide a wonderfully minimalist bookend to your outfit. 

If you’re choosing a pair of wholecut shoes to wear with a more attention-grabbing suit, we suggest you choose a classic pair in black or brown. The high-quality blemish-free leather used for this type of shoe will suit beautifully under the cuffs of your suit trousers.

Are you looking for the perfect pair of wholecut shoes to wear with your statement suit collection? We recommend the gloriously classic Wholecut Rain in dark brown leather. 

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