Perfect Pairs: Wingtips and Waistcoats

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Wingtip shoes have long been considered exceedingly smart. They’re a type of brogue shoe that are also sometimes called full brogues. 

In a pair of wingtips, the toe cap features a central point and ‘wings’ that extend back around the lower part of the shoe, towards the ball of the foot. The overall effect is a bit like the shape of a bird in flight, hence the name wingtip. 

Wingtips are popular both in a single colour and when a contrasting colour of leather is used for the toe cap. Wingtips with contrasting colours are known as co-respondent shoes. 

In popular culture, this style of shoe is particularly associated with vintage styling. Co-respondent shoes were particularly popular in the 1920s, and there’s still a heavy whiff of the dapper about them.

This is why we think wingtips pair perfectly with another classically vintage fashion staple: the waistcoat.

Though waistcoats are still found in the wardrobes of most style-conscious gentlemen, they’re certainly not as commonplace as they once were. Today, they’re often worn mainly by those who work in very formal professional environments, or those who have a penchant for vintage styling. 

Whichever of these camps you fall into, we think your look would be enhanced by pairing wingtips and waistcoats. Both items have a classic feel to them, and when they’re worn together the overall effect is undoubtedly dashing. 

Could this vintage-inspired combination be right for you? We have some excellent options for you to choose from. Take a look at the Wingtip Derby Pembroke, the Wingtip Oxford Drummond, the two-tone Wingtip Oxford Rain or, if you’re looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, the Wingtip Boot Islay.

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