Socks or Not: Which Side of the Loafer Debate Are You On?

The leather loafer is an iconic summer shoe. Depending on the style you go for, a loafer can be beautifully classic and retro-inspired, or even, at the other end of the scale, ultra sleek and contemporary. 

One of the reasons that loafers are so popular is that they are easy and comfortable to wear. This is an extra bonus during the summer, when some kinds of formal footwear styles can feel too restrictive.

Loafers can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. They’re laid back enough for a day’s sightseeing, but are smart enough to wear in the boardroom.

In fact, the only problem with your loafers this summer might be deciding where you fall on the big loafer debate: should they be worn with or without socks?!

The argument against socks 

Going sockless with loafers is a trend that’s gained a lot of traction in recent seasons. This originated from the ‘preppy’ style. Loafers worn without socks can look very contemporary, and they work well with rolled up trousers or shorts. 

Many sockless loafer wearers maintain that it’s cooler and more comfortable to wear their footwear in this way in hot weather.

The argument for socks

All other formal shoes require socks, so many people suggest that loafers should be no different! This is certainly true in more traditional office settings where turning up in a suit with no socks on may be frowned upon.

Equally, there’s a key argument to say that it may be less hygienic to wear leather shoes without socks.

Whichever side of the fence you’re on here, we can all agree that loafers are an excellent summer shoe.

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