The Shoe Files: Balmoral Boots

Boot pictured: the Balmoral Boot Rain

We think balmoral boots are a brilliant option for the discerning gentleman, and we’re sure you’ll agree! Not only are they beautifully stylish, they’re also much more practical than some other formal footwear options. 

The Anatomy of Balmoral Boots

A Balmoral boot is a formal boot with a closed lacing system. Simply put, it’s essentially an Oxford shoe in boot form. 

This type of boot does have one very distinctive feature that marks it out as a little bit different from an Oxford shoe. Each boot has a seam that separated the lower boot from the upper boot. Below the seam the boots are leather, and above they are usually suede. 

The History of Balmoral Boots

Like may other formal shoes, Balmoral boots have a royal pedigree. They were designed for Prince Albert who wanted a boot that would be suitable both for walking out in the estate at Balmoral Castle, but would also look smart indoors. 

Both Prince Albert and Queen Victoria took a shine to the new style of boot, and the style subsequently became very popular with both gentlemen and ladies throughout the country. They were named, of course, after Balmoral castle as that’s where they were first seen. 

Balmoral boots used to extend up to mid-calf length, but these days they are usually designed to end just above the ankle. 

How to Wear Balmoral Boots

Though they were originally designed as a walking boot, for much of their history Balmoral boots have been worn as a formal shoe. 

They’re an excellent choice to wear with a suit in midwinter. Not only will they look great in the office, even in the most formal of spaces, they’ll also keep your feet warm and dry on the commute. 

Like the practical sophistication of Balmoral Boots? Take a look at our Balmoral Boot Rain in brown suede and brown vegano.

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