The Shoe Files: Lazyman Shoes

Shoe pictured: the Lazyman Rain

Lazyman shoes are so named because you don’t have to lace them up! These easy-wear shoes are designed as dress shoes you can just slip your feet into.

The Anatomy of Lazyman Shoes

The main feature of lazyman shoes is that they have an elasticated section on each side of the upper to allow you to slip your foot easily in and out. 

Lazyman shoes are similar to loafers in that they don’t have laces, but they’re not the same thing. Loafers typically sit lower on the foot and are less structured, which is why they can be slipped on and off without an elasticated section. 

Lazyman shoes are a slip on dress shoe. They are much similar in shape to Oxfords, just without the need to tie them up! They often feature brogue designs, and some even have ‘false’ laces. 

The History of Lazyman Shoes

The lazyman is a reasonably new addition to the shoe world. Some traditional shoe enthusiasts think they undermine footwear standards and dress codes… but we think there’s no reason why style and convenience can’t work gorgeously together.  

How to Wear Lazyman Shoes

Lazyman shoes are designed to be worn with any outfit that you’d usually wear dress shoes with, such as a suit. We think they work particularly well with suit trousers. In most cases you’ll find that your trousers sit over the top of your shoe and no one will see the lack of laces. 

These can be a great choice for people who struggle with bending down to tie laces and those who’d just rather not waste any time!

If you like the sound of the lazyman style, why not take a look at our elasticated lazyman rain in tobacco suede

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