The Shoe Files: Monkstrap Shoes

Shoe pictured: the double monkstrap inca

Monkstrap shoes are dress shoes with an extra dose of personality. They make the perfect addition to a formal outfit for style conscious gentlemen. 

Of course, there’s no reason why monkstraps should be limited to only the dressiest of occasions. These beautifully cut shoes will fit right in with a whole range of curated outfits.

The Anatomy of Monkstrap Shoes

Monkstrap shoes are made from leather or suede. The upper is fastened by way of an integral strap and buckle. There is a lot of variation in the exact shape of the strap and the number of buckles featured. Single monkstrap shoes have one buckle, while double monkstraps have (you guessed it!) two. Monkstraps with three or even more buckles are less common but aren’t unknown.

Just like other dress shoes, monkstraps can also feature a range of decorative features such as broguing or toe caps. They can also be made in a wholecut style. 

The History of Monkstrap Shoes

The exact history of monkstrap shoes is unclear. Rumour has it that this style of shoe was popular amongst European monks, but there’s no real evidence to back this up. Regardless, monkstrap shoes of some kind have been popular since the middle ages. 

How to Wear Monkstrap Shoes

One of the most classic ways to wear monkstrap shoes is to pair them with a well cut suit. We think they work particularly well with a three piece suit. 

That said, there’s no rule to say that they can’t be worn with less formal outfits. If you’ve got the flair for it, why not pair your monkstrap shoes with jeans and a smart sweater? 

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of Monkstrap shoes, we recommend this single monkstrap in snuff suede.

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