The Shoe Files: Wholecut Shoes

Shoe pictured: the wholecut rain

Wholecut shoes are a minimalist’s dream. It’s difficult to imagine a cleaner line in footwear than the profile of a well designed wholecut shoe. 

Generally speaking, ‘wholecut’ is short for wholecut Oxford, as these formal shoes are made to Oxford specifications, excepting one key detail.

The Anatomy of Wholecut shoes

Though wholecuts are very anatomically similar to Oxfords, they have one very key difference. Wholecuts are so-called because they are fashioned from a single piece of flawless leather. 

Some wholecut shoes have a back seam along the back of the ankle, but others don’t. Other than this, there are no breaks, joins or seams on the upper part of the shoe at all. 

In keeping with this minimalist design, wholecut shoes feature closed lacing.

The History of Wholecut Shoes

Though they may seem simpler than other types of shoe, wholecuts are actually a great deal more difficult to make. This is because there is absolutely no room for error! The final look of the shoe is also very dependent on the quality of the leather that was used to create it. 

Because of this, wholecut shoes are made almost exclusively by high end shoemakers. 

How to Wear Wholecut Shoes

The classic, streamlined look of wholecuts lends itself well to a range of outfits. We think they work particularly well as formal shoes, either for work or for social occasions. 

They’re an excellent alternative to the more decorated formal shoe generally worn with black tie. We think wholecut shoes with a dinner jacket cut a very sleek line, and can make a very positive modern style statement.

Are you looking for the perfect pair of wholecut shoes? We think you’ll love this beautifully simple pair in brown box-calf. 

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