Three Ways to Style Chelsea Boots

Boots Pictured: Chelsea Boot Simpson

Chelsea boots have a kind of timeless sophistication. From their roots in 1960s Beatlemania, these boots have long been a staple in the wardrobes of stylish gentlemen. 

These versatile boots come into their own in the autumn, but are flexible enough to work as a year round smart/casual footwear choice.

If you’re looking for some new ideas on how to style your Chelsea boots, here are three ways to wear them.

Look One: with skinny jeans and a leather jacket

We think Chelsea boots look wonderfully rock ’n’ roll when paired with a pair of skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Complete the outfit with a casual t-shirt for an artfully low-key look. 

Look Two: with a suit

There are no rules to say that you can’t wear boots with a suit. We think Chelsea boots look great with tailoring. They’re delicate enough to work well with more formal clothing, but can add a small touch of rebellion to an otherwise expected outfit. 

For best results, keep your suit, shirt and other accessories very simple… and make sure you’ve polished your boots!

Look Three: with a wool overcoat

Chelsea boots are a perfect match for classic wool overcoats. Choose a luxurious wool blend that cuts off just above the knee, and leave it unbuttoned. Pair with slim cut trousers, or even jeans, and finish the look off with black or brown Chelsea boots. 

Is your shoe collection currently missing a beautifully cut pair of Chelsea boots? We think you’ll love the Chelsea Boot Simpson, the Chelsea Boot Rain and the Chelsea Boot Lingfield.

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