Three Ways to Style Oxfords

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There’s a lot to love about Oxfords. Not only are they beautifully constructed shoes, they’re also a lot more versatile than you might expect. They’re ideal for the office, perfect for dinner dates and can even hold their own at a wide range of social gatherings.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration on how to dress up or dress down your favourite Oxfords, here are three ways to wear them.

Look One: With a Dinner Suit

Oxfords are the quintessential shoe to wear with a dinner suit. Decorative, wingtip or cap toe Oxfords can work well with a dinner suit, but in many cases less really is more. For best results, we recommend wearing a well-shined pair in classic black leather. 

Look Two: With Jeans

There are few pairs of shoes that can be worn with clothing as different as suit trousers and jeans… but we think that Oxfords fit the bill here. The trick here is to dress up your jeans and aim for a perfect smart/casual blend. 

We recommend pairing brown leather Oxfords with jeans in a classic dark denim rinse. To really pull the look off you’ll want to wear your jeans with something a little smarter, perhaps a fitted shirt or even a sports jacket or blazer.

Look Three: With Chinos

Chinos are a great piece of clothing for the well tailored gentlemen. They’re smart enough to be worn with a shirt and blazer, but casual enough that they work well for laid back weekend wear. 

We think decorative Oxfords in brown leather can look great with chinos. For a classic look, pair them with navy or beige chinos… or if you want to try out a bolder look, why not opt for royal blue or red?

If your shoe collection is calling out for a special pair of Oxfords, look no further. We think you’ll love the Cap Toe Oxford Hallam, the Wingtip Oxford Drummond, the Wingtip Oxford Forest or the Wingtip Oxford Rain.

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