What Kind of Socks Should You Wear with Dress Shoes?


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How much do you think about your socks? We’re guessing the answer to this question is very little; perhaps just a moment or two each morning as you fish a fresh pair out of the drawer.

Though they don’t always get much attention, we think socks are actually quite important. They keep our feet warm and comfortable, which is no small benefit! 

In addition to their very practical purposes, socks can also affect how successful our outfit is overall. No one notices a well chosen pair of socks… but a badly chosen pair can be very distracting. 

Brightly patterned, novelty or mismatched socks can all look very jarring when worn with an otherwise formal outfit. The general rule here is that if you put a pit of thought into the socks you choose first thing in the morning, hopefully no one else will need to give them any thought all day. 

If you have a weakness for novelty socks… we suggest you save them to wear with boots! When you’re wearing beautifully crafted shoes, you’ll want to choose a classic sock that supports this formal look rather than something that will try and grab attention for itself. 

The general rules with dress shoes is that your socks should match your trousers. So, black trousers call for black socks, grey trousers for grey socks and navy trousers for navy socks. This simple rule makes sure that you’re presenting a seamless look from waist to foot, with absolutely no distractions. 

As an addendum to this rule, we’d suggest that you opt for socks that come far enough up your calf to make sure you don’t flash any ankle skin when you sit down. 

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