What to Expect From a Bespoke Shoe Fitting

When you invest in bespoke shoes, you will be rewarded with a pair of shoes that are perfectly moulded to both the shape of your foot and your individual style preferences. The shoes in question will be of beautiful quality and made to last well beyond the usual lifetime of today’s ubiquitous fast fashion.

One of the added benefits of buying bespoke shoes is that you will also get to undergo the fitting process. This can be an excellent opportunity to get to know the crafts people who are responsible for making your shoes. You will also be able to enjoy having complete control over the style, comfort, design and features of your footwear.


When you book a fitting, we will welcome you into our intimate store in Back Swinegate, York. Our first task together will be to get a shoemaker’s last made for you. A last is a model that represents the exact shape, size and dimensions of your feet, and is used throughout the shoemaking process.

In order to make the last, we will need to take a lot of measurements. This step is vital to the later comfort of your shoes, so we will really take our time to make sure we get it absolutely right.

Next we’ll need to discuss what you want from your handmade shoes. We’ll cover shoe type, style, colour, design and material. We’ll have plenty of inspiration for you to look at, and we’ll be thrilled to hear your ideas too.

At this stage, you’ll need to leave your shoes in our hands for a while. We’ll begin crafting your perfect footwear to your exact specifications. Once we’ve constructed the uppers of your shoes, we’ll invite you back in for a fitting. This will give us the chance to ensure everything is going to plan and that the fit is exactly right.

Depending on your feet, your shoe design and the alterations that are needed, we may invite you for multiple fittings. Each one will ensure that the shoes we create for you will be shoes you’ll want to treasure for decades to come.

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