Footwear Inspiration for Summer Weddings

Summer is coming which means we are speedily approaching nuptial season. Tis the time of year when many of us will be invited to attend the weddings of colleagues, friends and family members.


If you have a wedding or two coming up on your calendar, you may have started thinking about what you’re going to wear.


The dress codes for summer weddings tend to be a little more flexible than at other times of year. Many gentlemen guests will choose to wear lightweight suits instead of the usual black, navy or dark grey wool blends.


The good news for shoe fans here is that lighter summer suits offer an excellent canvas for showcasing your footwear. Need we say more?!


Shoes to wear with a beige suit

Deciding to go all out and embrace the summer with a beige suit? This kind of suit is perfect for a summer wedding, so long as the rain stays away!


Beige can be a tricky colour to handle shoe-wise. Lighter brown leathers generally work well. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the lighter your suit, the more of a casual vibe you’ll be able to go for. For this reason, simple loafer style shoes can work well.


Shoe inspiration: the Cap Toe Adelaide or the Tassel Loafer in Forest.


Shoes to wear with a pale grey suit

A pale grey suit will give a generous nod to summer without forcing you to step too far out of your colour comfort zone. This colour of suit will look its best paired with black leather shoes.


We like patent leather for a wedding, but suede can look great too. If you go for the latter, just make sure you’re not going to be standing on a muddy lawn for too long while the photos are being taken!


Shoe inspiration: the Cap Toe Oxford Hallam or the Oxford Edgware.


Shoes to wear with a royal blue suit

For a celebratory suit that’ll look just as good if the sunshine doesn’t make an appearance, why not choose royal blue?


Royal blue suits look brilliant with darker brown leather. The slightly darker suit tone gives you the freedom to sport slightly more formal shoes, so a pair of oxfords with decorative stitching can be ideal.


Shoe inspiration: the Wingtip Oxford Drummond or the Wingtip Derby Rain.


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