How to Care For Your Shoes in the Summer Heat

Bespoke shoes are made to last. Of course, it’s worth noting that if you do want to still be wearing your favourite shoes in twenty years time, you’ll need to hold up your side of the bargain! No matter how wonderful the quality of your footwear, if you don’t look after them you’ll likely find that they don’t last as well as you’d hoped.


Luckily, caring for your shoes doesn’t have to be taxing. By taking a few simple measures you will be able to drastically alter their longevity and ensure your feet are just as well clad in the future as they are now.

Shoe care is particularly key in extremes of weather. It’s just as important to protect your shoes in the summer heat as it is in the winter.

Protect your shoes from odours

Nobody likes talking about sweat, but we do need to mention that it can have a negative effect on your footwear! This is particular key in the summer when your feet are far more likely to overheat. Minimise the impact by allowing each pair of shoes a ‘rest day’ between wearings.

You may also want to take steps to actively remove odours from your shoes. Specialist shoe inserts can do the trick here, as can a few pieces of charcoal securely tied in a muslin bag or old sock.

Keep shoes out of direct sunlight


Leather shoes can become discoloured or warped when over exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid this by ensuring you always store your footwear collection in a shady spot.

Always wear socks

This one may go without saying… but just in case; always wear socks! Socks protect your shoes from your feet and help to keep them clean, dry and fresh smelling.

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