How to Safely Store Your Shoes

If you want your shoes to serve you well, you’ll need to hold up your side of the bargain. Not only is it important to invest in good quality footwear, you also need to ensure you care for it well.



One of the key ways to keep your shoes looking sharp year after year is to make sure you store them properly. Poorly stored shoes will show their age far sooner than well stored shoes.

Follow our best practices for storing your shoes and they’ll thank you for it.

Put your shoes away clean and dry

Putting your shoes away still damp or with marks on is likely to be damaging to your shoes. Before you store your footwear, give them a brush down and make sure they’re dry.

Use shoe trees to maintain shape

The best way to ensure your shoes keep their shape over time is to put a shoe tree in them while they’re in storage. The best shoe trees are wooden and adjust to fit your shoes perfectly.



Give each pair their own individual space

Leaving your shoes in a pile is never a good idea! Whether you use boxes or shelves, make sure each pair has it’s own space.

Make sure your shoes can breathe

Breathability is important for shoes, especially those made from natural materials such as leather or canvas. With this in mind, it’s wise to avoid plastic storage boxes. Instead, look for more breathable options such as fabric or cardboard.

Keep your shoes away from extreme temperatures and sunlight



Extreme temperatures and sunlight can cause damage and/or fading over time. Make sure your shoes are safely stored away from direct sunlight and particularly hot or cold spots.



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