The Benefits of Bespoke

There’s something very special about investing in a pair of bespoke shoes. 

If you’ve been thinking about booking a bespoke shoe consultation with us but need a bit of a nudge in the right direction, here are four big benefits for you to mull over. 

They will be made to fit

When you buy a pair of shoes off the shelf, you will have to choose the pair that are closest in shape to your own fit. Though this generally results in a perfectly comfortable fit.. perfectly comfortable is not quite perfect

When you choose a bespoke pair of shoes, your shoemaker will build those shoes around the exact shape and size of your feet, meaning that you’ll get a pair of shoes that are exactly right.

You’ll get to choose the exact style you wanted

During the bespoke shoemaking process, you’ll get to play as big or a small a role in the design of the shoe as you’d like. If you have the perfect pair of shoes in mind and want your shoemaker to be able to make them a reality, they can do that. Alternatively, if you have more of a general idea and want your shoemaker to create something to a loose brief, they can do that too.

All the details will be perfect

Sometimes when you buy a pair of shoes, you have to compromise on something small. Perhaps the rest of the shoes are exactly what you wanted but the toes are pointed instead of rounded. Perhaps there are six eyelets for the lacing when really you’d prefer four. 

When you choose a bespoke pair of shoes, you get to make the final call on all of these details, meaning that they’ll be exactly to your preference, no compromise necessary.

You’ll receive good old-fashioned service

The modern process of buying shoes is not generally very personal. When you go bespoke, you’ll get to experience a more traditional school of customer service. The process really will be all about you!

You can read about how our bespoke shoemaking service works from start to finish here.

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