What's Your Shoe Storage Routine?

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All good habits begin as a new routine. If you’re hoping to take more care over the condition of your shoes this winter season, it might help to start by taking a look at your current routine.

What do you do with your shoes when you arrive home?

Some people keep their shoes on in their house, but most of us tend to take them off when we arrive home. If this is the case with you, what do you do with them when you take them off? This is a key question as where you store your shoes has a big impact on their condition over time. 

If you arrive home, slip your shoes off at the front door and leave them in a pile in the hallway, you may want to reconsider for the health of your shoes! It will probably add an extra couple of minutes to your homecoming ritual to take your shoes off and put them away properly… but it could significantly increase the lifespan of your shoes. 

Where do you usually aim to store your shoes?

If your main shoe storage is a shoe rack in the bottom of your wardrobe, you may want to consider how regularly you put your most-worn shoes on it. After all, a shoe rack is only effective if you actually use it! 

If you know you’re not going to pop upstairs to put your shoes away every time you arrive home, why not try rearranging things? Keeping your shoe rack closer to your front door will probably make you more likely to use it.

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