Why Are Well Fitting Shoes So Important?


We spend a great deal of our lives wearing shoes. Whatever style you prefer, there’s one key thing that should always be a priority: fit. 

The fit of your shoes is arguably the most important thing about them. No matter how well made or well designed your footwear is, if it doesn’t fit you properly it won’t be doing your feet any favours.

Why shouldn’t you wear ill-fitting shoes?

The first issue here is comfort. Shoes that don’t fit properly won’t be comfortable to wear. This is true whether you’re walking great distances in them, or whether you’ve just slipped into them to wear around the house or the office. 

But comfort isn’t the only concern here. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can actually lead to far serious problems over time. 

Poorly-fitted shoes can lead to blisters, calluses, corns, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis and even stress fractures. They also contribute to foot, heel and shin pain and increase the chance of injury.

How can you avoid this?

Avoiding these kinds of complaints is very simple. All you need to do is ensure you wear shoes that properly fit and support your feet.

The best way to do this is to buy shoes from a shop you trust to properly measure your feet. Different brands of shoes have different fit, so it can help to try on a number of different ranges before you find one that suits you. 

Of course, everyone’s foot shape is unique. Some people find that ready made shoes are perfectly shaped and sized for them. For other people, this isn’t quite so easy. 

If you’ve struggled in the past to find shoes that really work for your feet, have you considered bespoke? Bespoke shoes are made to your exact measurements, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time. Here’s how our bespoke service works

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