The Shoe Files: Brogues


In recent decades brogues have become somewhat synonymous with formal footwear. Whether you wear them to an office, a black tie do or a wedding, you can trust a good quality pair of brogues to see you there and back in style.

The Anatomy of Brogues

Brogue is a fairly wide term. It describes any low heeled shoe or boot with multiple piece leather uppers completed with decorative broguing. Broguing is the traditional shoemakers term for decorative perforations. These are usually arranged along...

Breathing New Life into Old Shoes

Breathing New Life into Old Shoes

When you truly love a pair of shoes, it can be very difficult to let go off them. This is often true even when the shoes in question are well past their best.

The good news is that you may not need to say goodbye to them after all! If your shoes are of good quality underneath the wear and tear, you’ll probably find that a good cobbler is able to work wonders with them.

What type of shoe repairs can be done?

Shoe repairs can be very wide ranging, from simple reheeling...

How to Safely Store Your Shoes

How to Safely Store Your Shoes

If you want your shoes to serve you well, you’ll need to hold up your side of the bargain. Not only is it important to invest in good quality footwear, you also need to ensure you care for it well.



One of the key ways to keep your shoes looking sharp year after year is to make sure you store them properly. Poorly stored shoes will show their age far sooner than well stored shoes.

Follow our best practices for storing your shoes and they’ll thank you for it.

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Best Shoes for the Summer Heat

Best Shoes for the Summer Heat

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The British summer can be a tricky time sartorially. It’s difficult to predict what the weather will be doing from one day to the next, and it’s not unusual to discover that the shoes you left the house in at 8am are completely unsuitable by 11am.

We do happen to be experiencing some lovely weather this month (interspersed with the rain, naturally) and you may be considering what the best shoes are to wear on the hottest summer days. 

For those of you...