A Guide to Autumn Footwear

Autumn Shoes

The weather is turning and summer footwear favourites such as loafers and boat shoes are no longer appropriate. Luckily, this season’s alternatives are very attractive.

Autumn is the beginning of boot season, and we’re pleased to declare it officially open. There’s something immensely satisfying about slipping your feet into a pair of smart sturdy boots, whether they’re well loved or brand new.

Whatever your style, we’re sure you’ll find a pair of autumn boots to suit it. Chelsea boots are the...

Tools of the Shoe Trade: Tight Sole Stitch

Gruberhof Shoemaking

The process of traditional shoemaking involves a whole host of specialist tools and techniques. We’re making it our mission to introduce you to some of them. In this post we’re introducing you to a vital technique every shoemaker needs in their arsenal: tight sole stitch.

Shoes would not be shoes as we know them without the use of a sole stitch. This is an extremely important step in the shoemaking process, as it’s this that attaches the upper shoe to the outer sole.

Perfect Pairs: Brogues and Tweed

Pattern Tweed

There are certain pairings that are quintessentially British. Tea and scones. Wimbledon and strawberries. Fish and chips. Gin and tonic. We’d like to argue that today’s perfect pair is a natural addition to this list: brogues and tweed.

Let’s start with the clothing. Tweed is a traditional British and Irish fabric that is woven from wool. Historically it was usually selected for more informal outerwear as it is hardwearing and reasonably waterproof. However, over recent decades tweed has become something of a...

Shoe Style Watch: Autumn/Winter 2017

Shoe Style Watch: Autumn/Winter 2017

Shoe aficionados might be keen to keep an eye on what’s what in footwear on the catwalks. The Autumn/Winter season is just around the corner and it will soon be time to start lacing on more weather appropriate shoes.

If you’re big on boots, you’ll be pleased to hear that they are major news this season. Particularly key styles for 2017 are the classic desert boot and hybrid smart/casual boots. Both these boot types are excellent choices for when the...

The Fascinating Past of Lasts

The Fascinating Past of Lasts

Lasts are used in traditional shoe making as a fitting aid. The last is a kind of mould that is made to match the size and shape of the foot the shoe is being made for. This mould is then used during the shoemaking process as a base for the upper part of the shoe to be worked around.

The word ‘last’ itself is an interesting one. It is said to come from the old English word ‘laest’ which...